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Sure-Loc Warranty

Sure-Loc Interlocking, hereafter called The Contractor for work done on your property, does hereby warranty, that for a period of two years (24 months) from date of installation, shall remain free from all defect in workmanship and that it shall comply with all the specific requirements of the specifications and other contract documents governing the work.

It is understood and agreed that in the event of defects and the necessity of making repairs, the Homeowner will immediately notify The Contractor in writing of its conditions and shall give The Contractor reasonable time in which to make said repairs. If any person, firm or corporation other than the above listed Contractor has, since the completion of the work, performed or attempted to perform any repairs to the work in question, then this warranty will become null and void. The warranty does not cover any repairs made by anyone else other than the above Contractor or one of its authorized representatives.

The Contractor shall supply and replace damaged bricks for a period of 60 days after date of installation, after the 60 day period has expired the responsibility to supply and install damaged bricks reverts to The Manufacturer.

All Pavestones carry a Manufacturers lifetime warranty

The Contractor shall not be under any responsibility or liability whatsoever to make repairs occasioned by injury to said work caused wholly or in part by windstorm, tornado, lightning, hail or other casualties, or by reasons of negligence by any party not directly associated with The Contractor.

Home Owners Liability

The Homeowner shall maintain the interlock project from date of installation, this will require re-sanding yearly. (The contractor advises using polymeric sand, this is a product manufactured to halt the growth of weeds and grass); after the first year of installation the home owner is advised to seal coat the work done. (seal coat acts as a barrier to protect stone and concrete against the elements, and any chemical spill).

In the event the Home Owner did not purchase a steel retainer on the original contract, the outer perimeter of the interlocking shall be maintained by the Home Owner. (The contractor suggests planting grass or a flower garden adjacent to the interlocking perimeter to retain the stones) This must be done immediately on completion of work Maintenance Issues are not included in this Warranty Under this warranty The Home Owner shall not be permitted to seek third party mediation, such action this will render the warranty null and void.

If for any reason the repair requested is not covered under this warranty, there will be a charge for the service call.

I Agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Warranty